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$5 links from Fiverr sound like a great idea in theory

Hey, $5 links from Fiverr sound like a great idea in theory. But here’s what you’re *really* getting: It’s the same story every single time….. ……I jump on a discovery call with an agency founder who has been trying to land links and they’ve tried it all before: Go on Fiverr to look for VAs. Who work for as low as 3-5$. To land them backlinks. Then they pay up and get: Forum comments. Social bookmarks. Fake social media profiles. Image comments. Directory links. Look, Google’s smart. Or they wouldn’t be making billions of dollars every year. If spammy, low-quality links worked…. …..people wouldn’t pay thousands of dollars to work with us. When it comes to SEO and backlinks, remember: There are no shortcuts. Build them the right way. Or one new update = you’ll lose all your traffic overnight. Period. Link to contact me :

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